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Ceremonial Speech "Farewell to Doubt"   
04:18pm 22/03/2011
  I never realized how much doubt I had until the last speech day. It had been a long, emotional couple of days. And I doubted everything about myself and my speech. Two days later, one of our peers approached me with the traditional Namaste greeting, and I started to pull myself back together. A week later, Lent began. I'm not religious anymore, but giving something up for Lent always helped my soul grow. Acknowledging the over-use of something, and choosing not to use it anymore really builds character. This year, I chose to give up something harder than soda, chocolate or alcohol. I gave up something that had been embedded in my psyche... Doubt.
It has been very difficult! Doubt is a natural instinct, and definitely has its place when used as skepticism. It helps us to vibe whether or not something is real, and gives us the ability to make decisions using our gut and intuition. The doubt I gave up is self-doubt.; that obnoxious voice in our heads that says, "Yeah right,” "That's too much work for me," or "That's too good for me." I am slowly getting past this doubt. It hasn't been easy!
We doubt ourselves more than we realize. I've had a few major struggles with my fasting, this year. My car is an on-going science project, and never seems to be in good shape. I caught myself doubting that I could get it fixed. Then I took on a mentality of faith. Shortly after, everything came together, and now my car is back on the road. Most of my professors gave me an insane amount of homework to complete by this week, and I doubted I could get all of it done and still have a Spring Break. When I noticed I doubted my ability, I instead made a schedule, allotting three hours each day for schoolwork, and three hours for playtime. I went shopping for clothes... enough said! All of these things stirred my doubt. The key was acknowledging its presence, and choosing not to lean on it anymore. It's been a great exercise, and I have amazed myself with my ability to isolate and eliminate that variable of my life. It's also helped my self-esteem.
In the short amount of time that I have been living without doubt, I have realized that I don't need it anymore! It was useful for awhile. It kept me in check, and made me think twice before I acted. It's been a comfortable hang-up, since then. After years of life experience, and making lots of good and bad decisions, I now trust myself. I believe in my own abilities, and can resolve my own issues. I am moving on, and saying farewell to Doubt! I choose now, to embrace certainty, confidence and faith, instead! So thank you, Doubt, for all you've done to help me grow and learn! I've got it now! Peace out!

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Informative Speech on Namaste   
04:17pm 22/03/2011
  One day, I was walking on the downtown mall and saw a homeless man with a deck of tarot cards. He made eye contact with me and said, “Namaste!” I said it back to him, and then asked what it meant. He told me it meant, “Celebrate the goodness within you,” and more specifically, “The light within me celebrates the light within you!” The man’s name was Ed, and he was a retired school teacher from New York. He left his home two years before I met him to travel the country and meet new people, living off of what others saw fit to give him. Although this may not seem like a desirable lifestyle to many of us, it worked for Ed. He spread light, beauty and Namaste to many open-minded people in Charlottesville.

Only four years ago did I actually choose to embrace the concept. Since I did, I have felt a seemingly impossible connection to most everyone and everything I come across. It is truly amazing what an open heart can do!

Today, I would like to talk to you about Namaste, the definition, the gesture, and the impact it can have on others. Let’s start with the definition!

Namaste is a Hindi greeting and farewell, literally translating “I bow to you,” from the word “nama” meaning “bow” and “te” meaning “you.” It is interpreted to mean many similar ideas. The following interpretation is the most all-encompassing: “I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells; I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One!”

Now that you know what it means, let’s talk about how it’s used!

In yoga, Namaste is one soul acknowledging another. Kirk, an instructor at Bikram Yoga, says that Namaste in yoga means: “The suffering in me acknowledges the suffering in you, the Light!” Traditionally, the word is accompanied by a gesture of hands (palms together) in front of the heart chakra, and a bow (with eyes closed) as the word is spoken. This is said to increase the flow of Divine love in the heart, and the bow is to help with the surrender of the heart to the Divine. Although this is the traditional way to gesture Namaste, most people are more informal now, doing either the gesture or saying the word.
Although Namaste is typically used in India and yoga classes, it can be used by anyone. It doesn’t matter what age, religion, race or gender a person is, and it is never politically incorrect to celebrate the goodness within others.

Imagine that you do not know the meaning of Namaste, and it is said to you by a stranger. Rather than admit you do not know what it means, you would probably look it up online later, right? Imagine the warmth you would feel upon discovering what was said to you. Namaste is something that should be embraced, and shared with everyone! It is “the truth that we are all one when we live from the heart!”

Today, I shared with you what the gesture, Namaste is all about! You know the definition, how to perform Namaste, and what kind of an impact it can have on others! Namaste is something that can truly change one’s outlook on life!

I see beauty in all people now, whether I like them or not. I love everyone because we are all One! I invite you to do the same!


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01:29pm 27/06/2010
  I've never been as sick of a job as I am with TGI Firday's. That is all!  

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found while cleaning my room (from 2/25/09)   
10:21am 13/01/2010
  She asked me if I believe in God
I was drying my hair after getting out of the shower
She sat on my floor with her dead boyfriend's dog
She looked up, not even caring that I was naked, before her
So many things, she saw in her mind, she couldn't even see the world around her
What do you think he looks like
I don't think God has a face
I lit my cigarette
I think, if tehre is a God, that it looks like everyone and everything
I think it talks to us through other people, and makes us smile through nature and frieds

My friend's boyfriend killed himself on my birthday last year. This is what happened after she told me about it, while I got ready for work...

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11:06am 28/09/2009
  Both of my father's parents have it. I just found out. Apparently everyone else in the family knew and forgot to tell me. I knew they were sick. I knew Grandpa wasn't doing well, in general. I knew Grammy had kidney failure and a weak heart. I didn't know they had Cancer and were being treated with Chemotherapy... Now I know...

At least I know they have no regrets, and they are both ready, whenever their time comes. They lived life fully (without regrets, I believe), and they are very loved, and know it! That's about all I can ask for... except more time...

Geez... I feel like I'm eight years old...

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08:37pm 22/09/2009
  I am back in college!! I didn't want to post it yet because I wasn't sure if I had faith in myself to do well. Now, however, I am pleased to announce that I have EARNED a 125% average in Algebra (3 grades), as well as a 99.31% average in Music Appreciation (3 grades). I am also taking Philosophy. My first test (and first grade in the class) is this coming Monday. I think I'll do well!

I am STILL looking for a job! Haven't had much luck, in that department. But on another happy note, I have much more free time on my hands because I am "weeding" through my friends. A few of them have been bad influences on me, over the last couple of years. I didn't really cut off the friendship, but when it was cut off, I decided not to further pursue it because it wasn't, in fact, good for me.

Oh yeah, and I have a crush on someone for the first time in 4 years. Heh! It's kind of a weird feeling, but nice at the same time! :)

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09:01pm 30/05/2009
  whatever happened to Frank the goat? LJ used to have him saying "BAAA!"  

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02:46pm 29/04/2009
  well, no job. but that doesnt mean everythings bad... right? it just means new doors are going to open up... right?!
damn, its hard to find a job that pays more than $7/hour right now... BOO

in other news, i lost ten pounds! :)

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04:14am 30/03/2009
  i am 24 years old. i have fallen out of touch with so many people i used to be close to, but have acquired many meaningful friendships along the way as well. i have dropped out of college, but am now considering options to go back to school. i was living on my own, but decided my parents house was a better option, overall. i do not have a boyfriend or any significant other. the last 2 relationships i was in were not entirely healthy. i have been addicted to bad drugs, but have gotten myself clean and become a very strong person. i am ambitious and beautiful. i deserve what i want to give myself, and what i feel the need to achieve. i want to give back to the world, what has been given to me. that is friendship, hope, love and patience. i believe i can make a difference in the world around me, and i believe that i am important. i feel like i have come a long way in life, even if i dont have many material things to show, thus far. i am a unique and valuable person.

for those of you who remember who this is, and are taking the time to read this, thank you. i know i dont sign on regularly, but i felt the need to post. a drastic change in my overall journal tone, over the years, yes. but a good one, i feel.

to anyone in town trying to get in touch with me: come eat at Outback Steakhouse and ask for Meredith. maybe we can catch up.

i will try to sign on weekly. no guarantees... ;)

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10:08pm 19/02/2005
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lady_waist!!!  

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03:01pm 18/02/2005
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, mrjustice!!!

::sending my love and good wishes your way::

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Play sausage! Who has the longest?   
08:33pm 12/04/2004
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