brokenme85 (brokenme85) wrote,

i am 24 years old. i have fallen out of touch with so many people i used to be close to, but have acquired many meaningful friendships along the way as well. i have dropped out of college, but am now considering options to go back to school. i was living on my own, but decided my parents house was a better option, overall. i do not have a boyfriend or any significant other. the last 2 relationships i was in were not entirely healthy. i have been addicted to bad drugs, but have gotten myself clean and become a very strong person. i am ambitious and beautiful. i deserve what i want to give myself, and what i feel the need to achieve. i want to give back to the world, what has been given to me. that is friendship, hope, love and patience. i believe i can make a difference in the world around me, and i believe that i am important. i feel like i have come a long way in life, even if i dont have many material things to show, thus far. i am a unique and valuable person.

for those of you who remember who this is, and are taking the time to read this, thank you. i know i dont sign on regularly, but i felt the need to post. a drastic change in my overall journal tone, over the years, yes. but a good one, i feel.

to anyone in town trying to get in touch with me: come eat at Outback Steakhouse and ask for Meredith. maybe we can catch up.

i will try to sign on weekly. no guarantees... ;)
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